El Dmg Step explicado por Konami

Konami Europa ha hecho publica una explicación de como funciona el Dmg Step para alinearnos con OCG:


En las próximas semanas Konami publicará las versiones en otros idiomas

Genial. Ahora a esperar a que lo metan en los libros de reglas de los Structure Deck

Ya en Español:


Por Julia Hedberg:

Since a lot of you still haven’t registered in the Judge Forum, or don’t check it frequently, I’ll post here too.

There have been quite a few questions from players and judges about the new Damage Step section that was added to the website. Here’s what you should know:

This chart offers a more detailed breakdown of how the Damage Step works. It is not labeled “here are the new rules for the Damage Step”, or even “here are updated rules”.
It is the same information you’ve already read in the Rulebook, just expanded slightly.

This new section on the website is designed as a supplement to the Rulebook, and is just to help out beginning players by giving a little more of a fleshed-out list of what’s been in the Rulebook for years. It isn’t intended to be comprehensive list of everything you can or cannot do at each point in the Damage Step. The chart doesn’t change anything, although the “key phrases” notations might help with our ongoing standardization of card text. (This might change how you play some cards, such as “Honest”).