[TCG] Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V Starter Deck 2015

A través de una nota de prensa de lo que Konami presentará en la Feria de Juguetes de USA el 14-17 Febrero han desvelado que el 29 de Mayo llega el nuevo Deck de Inicio al TCG, la información poquita:

yugioh-card.com/en/products/ … arc-v.html

Esta es la versión Europea del Deck de Inicio 2015, no entiendo muy bien a que se refieren:

Ya hay página de producto para Europa: 2 mini mazos de 21 cartas que puedes jugar por separado para practicar o como un solo mazo completo:


se sabe ya el contenido de las cartas que traera el mazo?

Yo antes veía lo que salia en wikia.com. Ahora no sale nada de eso :open_mouth: :frowning:
Alguien sabe donde se pueden mirar la próxima aparición de productos, su fecha de salida y su contenido?

esque justamente era por la wikia donde miraba contenidos y fechas de salida, pero se ve que consideraron que era bueno cambiar el formato de la pagina… xd

Aqui teneis el contenido del Deck y debajo una entrevista hecha por “Zodiac” a Mathew Bell (Jefe de Producción de Konami) en el que explica porque los Deck de Inicio son así:

Deck Yuya:
Odd-Eyes Saber Dragon
Alexandrite Dragon
Mystical Elf
Odd-Eyes Dragon
Cyber Dragon
Herald of Creation
Mirage Dragon
Maha Vailo Ancient Dragon
DUCKER Mobile Cannon
The Calculator
Dark Hole
Mystical Space Typhoon
Rush Rucklessly
Black Pendant
Malevolent Nuzzler
Trap Hole
Pinpoint Guard
Call of the Haunted
Negate Attack

Deck Declan:
D/D/D Dragon King Pendragon
Beast of Talwar
Archfiend Soldier
Vice Dragon
Goblin Elite Attack Force
Axe Dragonute
Mad Archfiend
Fabled Ashenveil
Theban Nightmare
Bright Star Dragon
Exploder Dragon
Grave Squirmer
Smashing Ground
Mystical Space Typhoon
Axe of Despair
Banner of Courage
Mirror Force
Magic Cylinder
Dust Tornado
Mask of Weakness
Call of the Haunted

“The task of creating the 2-Player starter deck was an interesting one. The idea was to create a product that is fun when they are played against one another, but are simple enough so that someone who has never played Yu-Gi-Oh! has something where they can learn and enjoy the game. The starter decks for the last few years have been a bit too complicated for new players to pick up and enjoy, considering the whole point of the deck is to teach new players we had to keep it simple. If you want a fun game, play the 2 half decks against each other, there is a surprising amount of depth to the match once you have a hang of the basics (or happen to be a core player who wants to teach a friend).”

That was Matthew Bell, a Super Hero from Konami educating the fine duelists over in Zodiac about the type of insight that goes into creating a starter deck.

“They are cards we all had fun with when we started and are good at teaching the strength of card combinations and also Risk VS Reward. Some players may have never played a TCG before in their lives and may have no concept of 2 for 1’s, Maha is amazing since it can easily be the strongest card in the deck while at the same time being the fastest way to lose…”

Sometimes, when designing a product, you are biased and forget that this game still has to attract new players, not convince existing ones to buy the new product. It’s incredibly difficult to make a product people will like that also has a good entry level difficulty curve.

“If you have no entry level products you run the risk of players understanding the basics in the store, but getting lost and confused after they get home to the kitchen table. Different communities benefit from different products and you should choose whats best for yours, it sounds like your new players prefer to jump right in with the structure decks which is great, but there are many players who would get lost doing so and lose interest.

What would be an interesting experiment would be to see what you guys come up with for a Starter Deck list along with a brief explanation for some of the choices. Granted it would purely be for fun and couldn’t be made into an actual product but it would give you guys something to consider.If you need some direction to go by : –

Must be suitable for new players
Contains 0 new cards
Minimum of 40 main deck cards

Please let me stress that this is for fun only and shouldn’t be taken too seriously, work together and try and hammer out a list that you guys agree on.”

He’s asked Zodiac Duelist to throw something together, I say let the commenters of YGOrganization have a crack at it. I know I plan to make my own list, but I’m dying to see what you guys will throw together, and I’m sure he’ll take a look, too.

Some final notes;

“The difficult thing here is defining a good card for a beginner, as it was mentioned before the Djinn is an amazing card in the correct deck, but to the average new player the concept of being hindered by it may be confusing. I guess I could say no card in the deck should exceed a $10 secondary market value if this helps?

Its important to remember that for new players that its not just the cards they need to learn but its also the fundamentals. You have to consider that they need to learn how to place their cards onto the field, what is a summon what is a set, how to Battle Phases work, when can I use a Trap card, why can I use quick play spells cards in the opponents turn, how does battle damage work etc.

For some of your concepts I think you are perhaps throwing the new player into the deep end so to speak. Does your new player really need to understand the concept of “Flood Gates”? While they play an important part of competitive play they are not necessarily something a new player needs to understand in their first couple of games.

You have quite a few Dual purpose cards here which can give this starter deck much re-playability and depth which can be a good thing, at the same time it creates many gaps where new players can and will fall through in their first couple of games and may affect the players decision to keep playing the game.

I don’t know how I feel about having both Synchro and Xyz summons in the Starter Deck, its just more things the player has to be aware of for their first few games that may not come up or result in them sitting on cards to perform the summon without them ever being able to do it.

By not featuring a character you do hurt yourself from a business perspective but that’s something which I don’t think needs to be considered for a fun project.”

pos tiene razon

La versión TCG-América del Deck de Inicio como ya sabréis es una versión de 41 cartas como las de antaño, para que ambos territorios recibieran casi las mismas cartas, la versión américana ellos tienen 4 Shatterfoils y lo que han hecho es duplicar las copias de la mayor parte de las cartas, luego hay otras 4-5 cartas que no vienen en la versión TCG-Europa:

Saber Force Starter Deck

YS15-ENF00 Odd-Eyes Saber Dragon (Secret Rare)
YS15-ENF01 Alexandrite Dragon (2 Copies)
YS15-ENF02 Mystical Elf (2 Copies)
YS15-ENF03 Odd-Eyes Dragon (Shatterfoil Rare)
YS15-ENF04 Kaiser Glider
YS15-ENF05 Cyber Dragon (2 Copies)
YS15-ENF06 Herald of Creation (2 Copies)
YS15-ENF07 Blade Knight (2 Copies)
YS15-ENF08 Mirage Dragon
YS15-ENF09 Maha Vailo (2 Copies)
YS15-ENF10 DUCKER Mobile Cannon (2 Copies)
YS15-ENF11 Skelengel
YS15-ENF12 The Calculator
YS15-ENF13 Dark Hole (Shatterfoil Rare)
YS15-ENF14 Smashing Ground (Shatterfoil Rare)
YS15-ENF15 Monster Reincarnation
YS15-ENF16 Mystical Space Typhoon (2 Copies)
YS15-ENF17 Rush Recklessly (2 Copies)
YS15-ENF18 Poison of the Old Man
YS15-ENF19 Black Pendant
YS15-ENF20 Malevolent Nuzzler
YS15-ENF21 Mirror Force (Shatterfoil Rare)
YS15-ENF22 Magic Cylinder (Shatterfoil Rare)
YS15-ENF23 Pinpoint Guard
YS15-ENF24 Trap Hole (2 Copies)
YS15-ENF25 Dust Tornado (2 Copies)
YS15-ENF26 Call of the Haunted (2 Copies)
YS15-ENF27 Negate Attack

Dark Legion Starter Deck

YS15-ENL00 D/D/D Dragon King Pendragon (Secret Rare)
YS15-ENL01 Beast of Talwar
YS15-ENL02 Archfiend Soldier
YS15-ENL03 The Dragon Dwelling in the Cave (2 Copies)
YS15-ENL04 Gravi-Crush Dragon
YS15-ENL05 Goblin Elite Attack Force (2 Copies)
YS15-ENL06 Axe Dragonute (2 Copies)
YS15-ENL07 Lancer Lindwurm (2 Copies)
YS15-ENL08 Mad Archfiend (2 Copies)
YS15-ENL09 Fabled Ashenveil
YS15-ENL10 Lancer Dragonute (2 Copies)
YS15-ENL11 Theban Nightmare (2 Copies)
YS15-ENL12 Exploder Dragon (Shatterfoil Rare)
YS15-ENL13 Grave Squirmer
YS15-ENL14 Dark Hole (Shatterfoil Rare)
YS15-ENL15 Smashing Ground (Shatterfoil Rare)
YS15-ENL16 Monster Reincarnation
YS15-ENL17 Mystical Space Typhoon (2 Copies)
YS15-ENL18 Rush Recklessly (2 Copies)
YS15-ENL19 Axe of Despair
YS15-ENL20 Malevolent Nuzzler
YS15-ENL21 Mirror Force (Shatterfoil Rare)
YS15-ENL22 Magic Cylinder (Shatterfoil Rare)
YS15-ENL23 Pinpoint Guard
YS15-ENL24 Trap Hole (2 Copies)
YS15-ENL25 Dust Tornado (2 Copies)
YS15-ENL26 Mask of Weakness
YS15-ENL27 Call of the Haunted (2 Copies)
YS15-ENL28 Negate Attack